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Laurel returns for February

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

These are the returns from Laurel's February meeting.  


Cormac Tobin. Name and device. Vert, a winged dexter foot contourny
bendwise, a bordure embattled argent. 
     This is being returned for a redraw. As drawn it is not in any
recognizable heraldic position.  A
     normal foot has the sole horizontal; the overall angle of this one is
closer to bendwise, but the
     angle of the toes and ankle is entirely wrong for that posture. This
falls afoul of RfS VII.7.b.
     (Reconstruction Requirement):  Elements must be reconstructible in a
recognizable form from a
     competent blazon. Any element used in Society armory must be
describable in standard
     heraldic terms so that a competent heraldic artist can reproduce the
armory solely from the
     blazon.  Elements that cannot be described in such a way that the
depiction of the armory will
     remain consistent may not be used.... 

John O'Bryan. Name and device. Quarterly Or and gules, an eagle displayed
argent between four crescents
     Withdrawn by the submissions herald.

Lisette de Lisle. Name.
     This is being returned for lack of documentation for Lisette as a
given name in period. The
     only documentation we could find for its use is as a surname. All SCA
given names must be
     documentable as having been used as a given name by a human being in
our period.
     The armory was registered under the holding name Elizabeth de Lisle.

Saint Georges, Canton of. Device. Or, a stag's head erased gules within a
laurel wreath vert, in base three
barrulets wavy azure. 
     This is being returned for lack of petition for the device. The
enclosed petition only showed
     support for a name, and not for a device.

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