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Filk, email, and copyright

Poster: rabah <rabah@tez.net>

Greetings one and all,

Passing along the words to a filk song without permission can indeed be a
copyright issue. If the person who originally posted the words is not the
copyright holder they could be held liable. Liability to the Merry Rose and
the Kingdom is nil, but patrons of the Merry Rose could be liable for their
personal subsequent use of the material.

Because of this, any post on a public forum such as the Merry Rose may not
be reproduced in an SCA newsletter without specific written permission to
do so from the originator of the material (which may not be the poster).
Basically, if you are unable to determine who the author is, you can't use it.

It is permissible to use copyrighted material in an SCA newsletter or on an
SCA website but only if the proper permission to  do so has been received
prior to the publication of the material in either medium. All you have to
do is ask . . . you'd be surprised at who may say okay . . .


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