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email, copyright, etc.

Poster: Dominica Harlan <DHarlan@RodgersBuilders.com>

Aside from the legalities of the question, it seems to me that individual
privacy interests -- and courtesy -- would require a person to obtain such
permission before publishing photos on-line, yet I have seen a number of 
photo galleries (presumably created without permission of all the 
subjects). Does anyone else have an opinion on the matter?

-- Alysoun Ashling

One new problem in privacy that just hit me today was that people need to 
ask before making one's email address a hotlink. Someone apparently made my 
address -- which is a work account -- a hypertext link and I didn't know 
that until my HR person showed up today to have a little chat after the 
page came up when they did random searches of the web for our company name. 
Whether or not it's legal, this is a game and it's courtesy to ask 
permission before using any part of a person's identity in any way, as you 
never know what problems you may innocently cause.


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