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Bop Event-clearer directions

Poster: "Doug and Maria, Sven and Ginevra" <ginevra@bellsouth.net>

Greetings all,
 Border Vale Keep's Bop til You Drop event is little more than a week away.
After next Wednesday we will no longer be taking reservations for feast
(but contact me first), which is limited to 75.
  There is a clarification for the directions from Hwy 78/US1 into Augusta.
Augusta has a bad habit of giving roads 3 or 4 different names.  The Doug
Barnard Pwy is also called New Savannah Rd (as well as Hwy 56).  You will
need to take a left onto New Savannah Rd. from Hwy 78.  But whatever way
you come follow the signs for Bush Field.  There will be signs posted.

 				Bop 'Till You Drop

	On 27 March 1999 the Shire of Border Vale Keep will be hosting
anevent for those that just can't get enough fighting. Heavy weapons will
be done in a "Bear pit" with a twist. Winners of each fight will be awarded
2points, Loser will be awarded 1 point. And an additional point may be
awarded by the Marshal for any impressive action that takes place on
thelist field. So even if you lose you can win.  Fencers will be competing
in a "Triple elimination progressive weapon" tourney. Archers will have
achance to improve their skills and start on the new season IKAC scores.
Prizes will be awarded for 1st  place in heavy fighting, fencing and top
score for archery. Wooden Goblets made by Lord Connor MacFergus will be
awarded to winners of heavy fighting and fencing and a Quiver for archery.
There is cabin space available for 40 people and plenty of camping space.
The site is discreetly wet and no pets are allowed on site.  All
reservations must be postdated no later than 20 March 1999. Authorizations
will start at 12:00 and fighting will begin at 1pm. There will also be
childrenís activities.
	There will be an Arts and Science competition with two categories,
Open and Fighter accessories. 1st place in each category will also receive
Wooden Goblets.
	During feast a Bardic competition will be held. All Bards are
welcome to entertain our guest in the feast hall with songs, stories and
dance. Each guest will be given a token to present to the bard of their
choosing. During the desert course Bardic competitors are invited to
circulate through the hall to collect tokens from their admirers after all
performers have finished. The bard with the most tokens will be declared
the winner.
Event cost: Friday ñ Sunday  $16 Onboard
            Saturday ñ Sunday $14 Onboard
            Saturday only $10 On board / $6 Offboard
            Children ages 6 to 12 pay 1/2 price
            Children 5 and under are guest of the Shire
Note: No family will pay more than 3 adult prices. I.e. A family with 2
adults and 3 children 13 or over will pay 3 full price reservations and the
other 2 will pay at the 1/2 price rate. This is immediate family only.
The menu for the event from Saturday morning until Sunday morning:
	Breakfast Saturday and Sunday: Pancakes and Bacon
	Lunch Saturday: Chicken Tortellini Stew, Bread, Fruit
Feast Saturday:  Appetizers: Bread with flavored butters and Cut cheeses
 First remove: Marinated Wild "Boar", Glazed onions, baked herb potatoes
Second remove: Chicken Pasties, Priest Stranglers
 Dessert: Scones, Almond and Rose cookies, Fruits, Coffee and tea bar
Feast is limited to 75, unless there are more than that reserved by March 20th.
Any dietary concerns should be directed to: Lady Ginevra de'Rossi, (aka
Maria Munitz) 706-792-0090, e-mail ginevra@bellsouth.net
>From I-20: From I-20 take the 64-A exit onto 520 or the Bobby Jones
Expressway. Go all the way down to Exit 8 (Doug Barnard, Bush Field) and
turn right. Follow the Doug Barnard parkway for 3 miles and *look for the
4-H sign on the right.  Turn right onto 4-H Rd., the camp is ~ 200 feet up
the road to the left.
*Clearer directions from Hwy 78*
>From Hwy 78/US1: Take Hwy 78/US1 into Augusta (called Gordon Hwy in town)
and drive until you get to  New Savannah Rd (which is also called the Doug
Barnard Parkway).  Turn left onto New Savannah Rd./Doug Barnard Parkway and
then follow the directions for 5.9 miles and then follow from the * above.
There will be signs posted.
Autocrat: Lord Connor MacFergus, (aka Charles Hunter) 282 E. Wynngate Dr.,
Martinez, GA 30907 / Phone 706-228-3351, e-mail :clanfergus@mindspring.com
Reservations: William MacLeoid, (aka William MacLeod) 625 Main St. S.E.,
New Ellenton, SC 29809 / Phone 706-833-0965, e-mail
Highlander@pagans.org  (Make checks payable to Shire of Border Vale Keep,
SCA inc.)

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