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Court Report from Bright Hills Baronial Birthday

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Greetings one and all from Lady Mordeyrn Tremayne on behalf of Their
Royal Majesties Anton & Luned!

This report slipped by me, sorry its so late in publication. On the
thirteenth day of February AS XXXIII being Gregorian 1999, Stephan &
Niobe, Heirs to the throne of Atlantia, did hold court upon the occasion
of the Barony of Bright Hills Baronial Birthday celebration.  In the
name of Their Royal Majesties Anton & Luned, the following business was

Mieszko Ziele'nski        Award of Arms
Aron Niedz'wiedz'         Award of Arms
Morgan Wainwright         Award of Arms
Muirgen Aylwin            Award of Arms
Seana'in the Potter       Award of Arms
Maeve FitzRobert of York  Award of Arms

This report is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. If
there is something missing or a misspelled name, please let me know.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

- Mordrea -

Written this twenty-third day of March, AS XXXlll (1999).
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