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celtic demo team - correction

Poster: "Magdalena de Hazebrouck" <magdalena-de-hazebrouck@home.com>

I apologize for sending this twice to the Merry Rose.  I am just getting
used to my new mail service, and I hit the wrong button.  The previous copy
has no meeting information.

Sorry if you get this more than once, but I will also post to some other
lists and you may be on them all.  I also apologize for the length of this
missive, but I want to introduce the concepts.  Further announcements on
this subject will not be so long, I promise.

Finnr, please send to the Yarnvid list, and any other you think appropriate,
such as Longship, Manx group,etc. We could use your help in the skills of
presentation and organization.

Eogan the Younger- yes, you with the beard and all that hair - if you would
like to forward this to any scots you might know, please do so.  Also, we
humbly beg your guidance, in addition to what we have already received.


In 1998 and 1997, the Barony of Caer Mear and friends have put on demos at
the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival.  This year will be no
different.  In fact, we so enjoyed the time/place-focused demo that we did
last year, that we decided to do that again, only bigger and better.  It was
also a big hit with the public, who came by in the THOUSANDS.

We hereby extend an invitation to the denizens of this tavern, and all other
interested folk of this kingdom, to join our demo team, which is now
forming.  If we really enjoy this, we may use this team for other

The time/place of the team is Edinburgh, Scotland in approx 1570.   Queen
Mary is in England, the official religion is now protestant, and Scotland is
experiencing an unsteady peace and a healthy trade with Flanders and other
allies.   We want to do mostly first person presentation and our goal is to
educate and amuse the populace, to increase SCA focus and understanding of
this time and place, and to enjoy ourselves immensely.  So this is a good
opportunity for those with an interest in this time and place to learn,
teach, to do a little drama, and generally to strut your stuff.

The theme of this demo will be "The Great Chain of Being - A Cross Section
of Daily Life in Edinburgh, 1570".  Please note that Edinburgh is in
Scotland and folk in great kilts would be in very short supply.

"We" are, at this point-
Magdalena de Hazebrouck (ain't that a scots name?), general organizer,
writing up a historical back ground cheat sheet.
Baroness Margaret Cameroun, garb nazi and knowledge resource, writing a garb
cheat sheet. mcameroun@aol.com
Lady Mavi of Black Diamond, prop nazi and knowledge resource, writing a prop
cheat sheet.
Lady Naomi MacAlpin, facilitator for the Society of St Lawrence (cook's
guild), who will be captain of the cooking station.  She will have food for
participants only at the event for a small donation. palmoret@usa.net

There is a web page for the fairgrounds that has a page on the festival:
www.strawberryhills.com  It is also noted on the Kingdom A&S activities page
with a link.

Our first open meeting will be at the home of Baroness Margaret (Maggie
Billingslea).  The meeting will be Saturday, 4/3 from 1:00 PM  to 3:00 PM.
There is some talk of a party later at another location.  Out of towners,
contact me for crash space info at my email above.  Directions to the
meeting are at the bottom of this email.  Feel free to contact any of us to
state your interest whether or not you intend to come to the meeting.  We
will be glad to work over the phone or email with out of towners to keep
your travel to a minimum.

Here is how the Celtic Festival works:

Date: 10/23, 10/24

Setup on Friday 10/22 and early on 10/23.  Gates open to the public at 9:00
AM, activities begin at 10:00 AM.  Gates close to the public at sundown (5-6
PM).  Overnight camping is available to those with a participant pass, but
all tentage that is not part of the demo must be GONE when the gates open at
9:00 AM and you must be IN GARB at that time.  NO ONE gets in or parks for
free without a participant/parking pass.  That includes your kids,
wife/husband, friend who decided to come along!!!!  You may bring your dog,
as long as you can keep your dog and/or the public safe from each other,
border collies are especially welcome. There is water and portapotties, but
no showers.  You can request supplies from the Festival Grounds staff
(through me) well in advance, hay bales and fire wood being the most popular
requests.  In order to get a pass, I must request an exact number of passes
from the Festival Grounds production manager by 9/15/99, so that they can be
mailed to me and distributed to you. You will need to make arrangements with
me PRIOR to the event to pick up your pass.  Because of all that, planning
well in advance is absolutely essential.  We will cut off the list of
participants on the week after Pennsic.  Tickets for the weekend at the door
run about $16.

The demo will be run on stations with some specialty events.  Each station
will be staffed with 2 people at a time, so we need a minimum of 4 people
per station.  To staff a station, you need to work with your team to
research, write and memorize your spiel and setup the visual display, if
any.  Your garb should be consistent with your subject (i.e., trades men
should not be dressed in satin, college robes to discuss theology and
literature).  Since you get burned out quickly answering the same dumb
questions a thousand times, the stations will be staffed on two hour shifts,
and the specialty events will be an hour or less.  This will give everyone
time  to walk around the grounds, drink beer, eat scotch eggs, listen to
music, buy things from the merchants and watch big men in skirts throw heavy

What we need:
1. there will be a guide or welcome person(s), who speaks in third person
about the SCA, the demo, hands out flyers, encourages the public to go to
the stations and talk to people.  This person must be in garb and must be
very social and energetic.  This is a burnout position and we will rotate
this often.
2.  Basic station captains and staff for 3-6 stations doing first person
presentation.  Topics can be things like: cooking, tradesmen and guild life,
armor and military strategy, apothecary shop, textiles and lace, making
leather jacks, merchants and trade, upper class life, etc...
3. Specialty events - these will be posted on a schedule with the Festival
Grounds staff so that folks will know when to come see what they want to
see.  Ideas: dance, period games, a surgeon, rapier demo, madrigals or other
musicians, college dons debating philosophy or religion, special craft
demos, putting on a great kilt, glass beads, etc.
4. Support.  We need folks to help put up and take down tents, dig a fire
pit, run to the store in jeans for bottled water, find the FG staff and ask
a question, etc.
5. Mentors, teachers, preparatory workshop teachers, garb experts, Scots and
Celts of all sorts.  Even if you cannot/willnot be involved in the demo, we
would be grateful for any guidance we can get, since many of us have
personas from another time/place.
6. MALES.  We don't want this to be exclusively a wool and garb demo.  If
you participate, we will flatter and fuss over you!
7. People with ideas.  We don't have them all.  As long as you stay in
theme, you can write your own ticket, here, and show off something your know
and love.

Directions to the Meeting:
Take your best route to Richmond, VA.

>From the north/east; Take the Powite Parkway, take the Midlothian turnpike
exit heading towards Midlothian, and travel to the light at Robious Road (La
Siesta on the right and Sheraton on the left).  Turn right on Robious.  Go
to the second Stoplight, Early Settler's Road, take a right.  Turn left on
Savoy.  **Turn right onto Dragonfly.  Turn right onto Checkers Court.
Second house on the right.

>From south of the Chesterfield Towne Center: Take your best route to
Huguenot and Midlothian Turnpike.  Head north on Huguenot to Robious road
and take a right on Robious.  Take a left on Greenfield Road and take a
right onto Savoy.  Follow from ** above.

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