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Re: Northern Regional Collegium (Stilhavn)

Poster: msampson@nih.gov (Maureen Sampson)

>The Northern Region of Atlantia is sponsoring a Mini-Collegium
>The Date is Sunday April 18 at the North Beach Community Center in
>Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Classes run from Noon to 5:00 pm.
>Classes in Dancing, Period Pasta and Bayeux Tapestry Stitch Embroidery
>are already scheduled.
>The Autocrat is seeking instructors for other classes.  This will be an
>informal, low stress event.  The Autocrat especially encourages new
>teachers to contact her.  This is the perfect place to try teaching for
>the first time, or try out a new class.  If youíre shy about teaching at
>the University of Atlantia, please come get your feet gently wet at the
>There will be one dancing track and two other tracks of classes.
>Classes will run 1, 2 or 3 hours long.  Just tell the Autocrat how much
>time you need.   The Autocrat is also interested in knowing what kinds
>of classes YOU would like to take.  What do you want to learn?

As a relative newcomer, I would love to see a newcomer's track.  I've been
playing since last fall and have not been able to go to University.  I
would love to get help on how to design/make basic garb (i.e. fabric types
and sources), some more info on basic heraldry (what do all those funny
words mean),  possibly some introduction to period music, and whatever else
you all think is essential for newbies.  I'm slowly gathering info at
events, but I'm somewhat shy when it comes to stepping up and introducing
Thanks, Alyssa of Roxbury Mills (Maureen Sampson)

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