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Newcomer Tract At Events

Greetings all!
I saw mention of a request for a newcomers tract at an event and would like to support this as a tract addition at all major kingdom events.  I think that the stress of being a newcomer would be relieved by proper training and indoctrination conducted by those we would aspire to be like ex: Laurels & Pelicans and any crown representatives on site.  I am like many learning from new friends and local officials, however with a structured orientation course at major events, it would help us newbies feel more accepted and encouraged.  Many of these events are out of your home Barony and you feel like a stranger anyway; it would help ease the tensions and introduce you to many people.

In service to the  dream,
George Condon (no SCA name yet)
gwcjr@cchat.com   gcondonjr@aol.com
House Tiglion Ban
Tear's Sea Shore
Hidden Mountain