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Newcomer's Track on track

Poster: Susan Arthur <susanla@mindspring.com>

At 11:35 AM 3/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>As a relative newcomer, I would love to see a newcomer's track.  

Ah!  My dear, I have just the thing.  On June 26, Elvegast Community
College will present a Newcomer's Track of six classes, among many other
delights.  We are preparing a web page now, but it will not be posted
*just* yet, since information on classes is still coming in.  Keep an eye
on the Acorn, and we hope to see you here.  And in case you haven't
memorized the Known Worlde map yet, Elvegast is in Raleigh, NC, and classes
will be held on NC State's campus.


Lady Lucia Bellini
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