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Re: an early-morning smile

Poster: Michael Surbrook <susano@dedaana.otd.com>

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Rowanwald Central wrote:

> Here's a riddle from the "Exeter Book", an 11th century book written in a
> monastery, although that's hard to tell sometimes, by the subject matter...
> I am a strange creature, for I satisfy women...
> I grow very tall, erect in a bed,
> I'm hairy underneath. From time to time
> A beautiful girl, the brave daughter
> Of some fellow dares to hold me
> Grips my reddish skin, robs me of my head
> And puts me in the pantry. At once that girl
> With plaited hair who has confined me
> Remembers our meeting. Her eye moistens.
> Can you guess? Remember, this was written by monks....

Isn't this a strawberry?

Michael Limner, esq

Michael Surbrook - susano@otd.com - http://www.otd.com/~susano/index.html

     "Politicians are the same all over.  They promise to build a bridge
                       even where there is no river."
                             Nikita Khruschev

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