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Re: Ladies Day Tourney

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

Scriptsit Rowen ferch Rhys:

> And as for you VARD:  "Your fair lands"?!?!  I do so beg to differ!  We
> see about this!  :-P

My dear, sweet lady:

Yes, perhaps I got ahead of myself.  Dun Carraig's banners fit in so well with
the surroundings and looked so natural flying over King George that it it was
easy to forget that we were technically in Crown Lands.  Also please remember
that for me to get to the site, I had to cross Dun Carraig's bridge, over Dun
Carraig's river, to arrive at a site that had been reserved for Dun Carraig's
event.  It was a simple mistake that was easily made, please forgive me for
making it.

Nonetheless, you speak correctly in pointing out that Dun Carraig does not
have a claim on these lands.  But since it is *our* bridge over *our* river
that we're talking about here -- held in feif for the Crown by Their
Majesties' grace, of course -- I wonder if perhaps it would not be prudent for
Dun Carraig to consider placing at least a small outpost on the opposite
shore, there in the unclaimed wilds of east-central Virginia until such time
as a local group can actually claim and protect those lands.  This would help
secure the bridge and solidify the defenses that Dun Carraig has built on
behalf of Northern Atlantia.  This would also more easily permit us to uphold
the burden we have accepted through our recently-signed Maritime Defense
Treaty with Spiaggia Levantina.

That is a wonderful idea, thank you for giving it to me!  I will take this up
with Their Excellencies at my next opportunity.  You have provided the region,
and by extension, *ALL* of Atlantia herself, a great service.  You are as wise
as you are lovely -- a formidibale combination!  I bow to you.

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Chronicler
Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia
Keeper of the Chicken Salad Recipe  (here's a hint....Cinnamon!)
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