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Rosine's Riddle

Poster: REAMESD1@westat.com (REAMESD1)

I am a strange creature, for I satisfy women...
I grow very tall, erect in a bed,
I'm hairy underneath. From time to time
A beautiful girl, the brave daughter
Of some fellow dares to hold me
Grips my reddish skin, robs me of my head
And puts me in the pantry. At once that girl
With plaited hair who has confined me
Remembers our meeting. Her eye moistens.

O contraire, some onions (Bermudas) are so red as to be purple! 
Even common yellow onions have reddish skins -- the same color as many Nordic
and Celtic "redheads" (aka: "Strawberry blondes").  
(Remember this was written in 11th c. Exeter, England -- plenty of Viking type
redheads running around there!) 
 Radishes don't make you cry until you eat them (and then only if they're really
good <grin>); 
this says she tears up as soon as she "robs me of my head" (cuts the top off)
and "puts me in the pantry" (stored not eaten).  
I think the giveaway hint is the "plaited hair".  Onions (and garlic) can be
plaited into decorative swags for easier storage.  
Can't think of any other pantry "products" that fit the bill.

Excellent riddle, Rosine, Thanks!


Great Riddle, Rosine!
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