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Fwd: Re: Looking for copper rivets....

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--- BlakHart66@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: BlakHart66@aol.com
> Does anyone know of someplace in Gloucester, Newport
> News, or Williamsburg 
> where I can get copper rivets for armor repairs? I
> know there's a Tandy in 
> Richmond, but I'd prefer not to go up there....
> Thanx
> Gideon 

Actually, Tandy is closing all of their stores,
including the ones in Richmond and Norfolk (or so the
gentleman at Tandy told us when House Drakovski made a
trip to the store to get stuff at 70% off).

Seems they are going to catalog only sales in the very
near future.  You can call their 800 # and get a
catalog sent to you, but I don't know if they have the
rivets you're looking for.  

I will hunt down the 800 # for Tandy, or if any one
already has it, please post it.


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