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Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrelw@atlcom.net>


My name is Kestrel of Wales.

I will be lurking on your yard for awhile.  I may even respond
from time to time.  Watch out for flying puns.

I started in the SCA in Sept/Oct 1987, met at my first event
in Meridies the lady who would be my wife.  My home is in
Meridies.  For nearly a year I have been working mundanely
in your kingdom.

I started SCA life with The Shire of THorngill, in 1990 I moved
to the domain of the Barony of South Downs and The Shire
of Owl's Nest.  In 1992 I moved a little closer to Owl's Nest.

At the end of this month I will move closer to your lands
and be close to the midpoint of Athens GA and Augusta GA
while still working in Columbia SC.

If I step on anyone's sacred cows please let me know and
educate me as to why they are sacred.

If I make a mistake on a detail or historical information I'm
sure someone will let me know what my error was.

If I think I will be able to help I tend to offer it.

Take care and Have fun.

Kestrel of Wales

Bryan S. McDaniel      SCA aka Kestrel of Wales
kestrelw@atlcom.net    kestrelw@csi.com

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