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Re: Appropriate "Booty" for Boat Wars Melees?

Poster: "Erika Robbins" <robbins@faculty.law.duke.edu>

Last year there was everything from a couple of rolls of duct tape to 
several yards of inexpensive trim.  Including a chain mail coif that 
somebody evidently wanted to get rid of.  The duct tape and trim is 
more along the lines of what we're looking for.  Inexpensive feast 
gear, that sort of thing.  You could always cruise merchants tomorrow 
morning--I can just about promise you that's what I'll be doing if I 
even get to fight.

(who is troll for Boat Wars this year, and hoping to get to 

Erika Robbins
Duke University Law Library
Serials and Acquisitions

"Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans."
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