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The Issue at Hand

Poster: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne <gwynedd@rocketmail.com>

	I, Grania O'Flaherty Gruffydd of Lochmere, say Yea
to continuation of the reign of the wise, good, kind
and gracious Queen Niobe Laise of Bellatrix during
the King's necessary and valiant mission and
temporary absence to the throne. 
	Though, I am but a new member of this esteemed
Society and Kingdom, having only been in Her presence
but once during the court of the Crown Tourney, I
must avow that I was so very moved by the Queen and
know that the Kingdom of Atlantia is in capable hands.
	I recall vividly those elegant yet strong hands and
how they delicately and poignantly held the petals of
the dogwood blossom as She shared Her thoughts and
feelings with us...tears came unbidden to my eyes and
I knew at that moment that we, the Kingdom of
Atlantia, are honored and favored by having such a
radiant light that both shines and guides the way in
both our sovereigns! Thus, though His absence will be
sorely felt, it is my fervent hope to again bask in
the sunshine of Her sovereignty at the upcoming
Emerald Joust. 
	In Service, 
	Grania O'Flaherty Gruffydd of Lochmere
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