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Re: Their Majesties' recent message

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

Unto Baron Alan Gravesend, Seneschal of Atlantia, Mistress Eilis O'Boirne, 
Seneschal of the Society, the populace of Atlantia, et al, from Tighearn 
Eoghan Og mac Labhrainn, Companion of the Pearl, greetings.

Atlantia is a kingdom most noble indeed, with a population richly gifted with 
lords and ladies, knights, dukes, barons and earls.  Yet for each one of us, 
our most senior leige lord remains the mundane world outside and apart from 
the mental boundaries of our lands and our game.  Some of us owe the mundane 
world a greater service than the rest.  Our most noble Majesty, King Stephan, 
is one of those few.  

Many a king has, according to our histories, maintained rule of his land from 
afar.  Many kings of England have reigned from lands on the continant, only 
seeing their Island Kingdom once or twice in their reigns.  Kings have gone 
on crusades to far off lands for the glory of the Church.  Kings have also 
gone on campaign for the glory of themselves.  Now is our King called to 
another land to war not for glory, but for the duty he owes his country and 
the people of another land.  During his most noble of campaigns, he leaves 
behind a most fair and capable Queen.

I would like to voice my support for Her Royal Majesty Niobe, a voice that I 
believe echoes many in Atlantia.  Although I reside far within the 
mountainous western baronies of our kingdom, HRM Niobe's grace and repute 
have reached even myself, and I hold no doubt that she will continue to reign 
as strong and as stately as with King Stephen at her side.  Their reign has 
been a blessing to Atlantia thus far, and my faith is that is wil continue to 
be so.

While our thoughts and prayers are with our King Across the Water, our faith 
remains with our Queen At Home.

Eogan Og
Tighearn Eoghan Og Mac Labhrainn, CP 
Sangster of Scotland and Atlantia
Chronicler of the Militant Society of Bards
Checky Or & Vert, two lions combattant, tails knowed, in base a 
mouse couchant, all within an orle of roundels, Argent.
ALBANACH Egroup (a discussion group for things Scottish 503-1603AD)
"A! Fredome is a noble thing. . ."  --John Barbour in The Bruce, 1375
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