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Stephan & Niobe

Unto the beloved people of Atlantia do Prince Amalric & Princess Caia send greetings!

     We are well pleased to be the Heirs of fair Atlantia, and ever more so due to all the kind words that you bestow upon Us.  It shall be a highlight of Our time in the Society to serve you!
    Though it saddens Our hearts to see our King and dear friend depart from the Realm for a time, We are gladdened by the swift response of Their Majesties' subjects in one strong, sure voice declaring their support for Our gracious Queen.  Let it be known without hindrance or hesitation that We, Amalric and Caia, Heirs by right-of-arms and gentle inspiration, do in all ways intend to stand beside Queen Niobe in Her time of grave responsibility and personal trial. We have great faith in the abilities, guidance, and grace of Our loving friend and Queen. Furthermore, We are confident in Their Majesties' well laid plans for the continuance of the reign and know full well Their like-mindedness in matters of State. Though We will see but one upon the throne, all will know that the other is within, strong and true.

     Our thoughts will be with Our noble King.  Safe journey to You, Stephan, and a swift return to Atlantia, Your heart's true home!

     Prince Amalric                        Princess Caia