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Niobe - Aye!

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Unto the Seneschal of Atlantia does Lady Cristianna of Loch Salaan and Lord
Steffan de Hauckelegh send greetings,

In regard to your letter of May 13th AS XXXIII.

We are saddened by the news that our Most Nobel King Stephan must leave our
lands.  We understand, however, as we hope all will, that we all at times
must fulfill commitments outside of the Society before ones within. 

Our love and compassion go out to our Most Gracious Queen, that she must be
parted from His Majesty at this laborious time, and we pray that he will
return to Her and us soon.

We do hereby impart our support of Her Most Royal Majesty Niobe continuing
this Reign in His Majesty's absence. We have full confidence that She will
reside over our Faire Kingdom of Atlantia with Honor, Wisdom and Love.  We
feel that She will continue this Reign in Her own right, just as She and
His Majesty initiated it.

Written at Richmond the 15th day of May AS XXXIII.

Lady Cristianna of Loch Salaan
Lord Steffan de Hauckelegh
Barony of Caer Mear, Atlantia

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