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Court Report: Boat Wars

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha" <angelanc@lucent.com>

Greetings Unto all the patrons of the Merry Rose from Lady Mordeyrn
Tremayne for Their most Royal Majesties, Stephan & Niobe!

Herein lies Their Royal Majesty's Court Business conducted at the event
known as Boat Wars in the Canton of Buckston-on-the-Eno in the Barony of
Windmaster's Hill on the fifteenth day of May in the thirty-fourth year
of the Society, being Gregorian 1999:

First Their Royal Majesties did welcome all those who were attending
their first event. 

The following awards were then presented:
   Frith Chrysffs                 - Award of Arms
   Alia Chrysffs                  - Award of Arms
   Katrina Blakelock              - Award of Arms
   Lady Rowena Ostler             - Shark's Tooth
   John R                         - Award of Arms
   Lord Christian von Nuremberg  - Shark's Tooth
   Kristen of Buckston-on-the-Eno - Award of Arms

Lady Rowena was also thanked for keeping the fighters watered during the
day; Kymber von Reimer was thanked for helping with the children and
presented with a garnet and pearl bracelet by the Queen. James the Wolf
was presented with a belt as he was celebrating his 13th birthday at the
event. The autocrat, Lord Arcturus Aeletor was thanked for his work on
the event.

During Feast, court was re-opened to present the following award:
   William the true - Grant of Arms

This report is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. If
there are any misspellings or an award left out, please let me know.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

written this eighteenth day of May, AS XXXIV, Gregorian 1999
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