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Nerds, geeks, etc.

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

I think the definition of geek and nerd is rather flexible these days.  

This subject came up last year at the World Medieval Congress at
Kalamazoo. (This is an annual academic gathering of some 3000
medievalists from all over the world). There is usually a dance the last
night of the conference and looking
around at those gathered (College profs, grad students etc. etc.) I
turned to a person standing next to me and said, "I would always tease
my roommate (going for his PhD in Computer
Science) and call him a geek.  I feel bad about that now as I look
around here and I'm seeing a lot of geeks." He said, "What did you think
you would see?"  I said to him, "I thought
medievalists were all cool - like me!". And we both laughed.

Looks like it is in the eye on the beholder.


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