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Re: (OT)Re: No nerds here

Poster: DracoB5@aol.com

I don't feel I'm a geek as I always thoughts the geeks were the wierd 
mundanes who over in dulged in beer and try to see who was the most 
red-neckest. I was super smart in high school, went to college to major in 
tv/movie production, like to write stories and poetry, and now back in 
college to major in Drama, and been on Dean's List twice! I'm also a 
professional actress, a writer, and a poet(published). And I love
Star Wars and Babylon 5, and love scifi in general and go to conventions, 
dressing up in costumes. And I love SCA. But to me geeks are the ones at SCA 
or cons I met but some of those general mundane types who poke fun at us. 
Their lives must be sooo bring!
And, by the way, I was at that 12:01 A.M. show with one of four gauaranteed 
best seats in house I won, and the movie was wonderful! So much for those 
geeky critics!
Lady Mourne Ciannoahe
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