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Grand Council accepting applications

Poster: GC Nom Com <gcapply2@liripipe.com>

Letter to the Known World.

[Moderators of lists, please forward.]

Greetings from the Grand Council, a committee reporting to the SCA's Board
of Directors. We are currently recruiting people to join the Grand Council:
 electronic applications are being accepted to the nominating mailing list
at gcapply@liripipe.com or via our web page at http://www.liripie.com/sca/gc.

The Grand Council functions as a think tank to the Board: we create
proposals for governance of the modern side of issues. For example, we
created a proposal for direct elections of the directors, an
internationalization proposal, a revision of the Board's recall methods,
and currently we are working on a revision to the banishment regulations.

The Grand Council meets online, not in person. The list is open for reading
by anyone. Good email access is required.

We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and locations. For
more information on the Grand Council, you can look at our web pages at 
	http://www.math.harvard.edu/~schuldy/gc/ or 

Nominations must be received by June 1, 1999. This email notification is
being forwarded to all Kingdom mailing lists. Please forward this to other
lists as well.

Thanks on behalf of the Grand Council Nominating Committee:
	Jean Louis de Chambertin
	Tabitha Dearval
	Tibor of Rock Valley
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