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Today in Medieval History

Poster: Mark Mettler <mettler@bulloch.net>

Greetings my name is Gryffri de Newmarch, and I am from Meridies, the
Shire of Forth Castle.  For more than six months now I have been posting
Today in Medieval History to the Tavern Yard.  I was recently asked to
share this with you too.  I will be glad to, of course with the
blessings of the Merry Rose regulars.  My goal with TiMH has been to
allow each person to be a little more aware of what exactly was
happening in their part of the world, in their time in History.  My
postings go from about 500 AD until 1650, and I generally only post
European History, but sometimes other significant events sneak in.  Of
course if your anxious to learn about a day not yet here, or one past,
you may use my JAVA version on the Southern Creative Anachronist website
at http://www2.gasou.edu/SCA/

And that being said, here's your first official daily edition.  Please
not, I do not post on weekends.

Greetings for the Cloister Cluny of Forth Castle and Good Gryffri,

Happy Birthday to...
   In 0004 Jesus of Nazareth (probable actual birthday) (BCE)

On this day...
   In 0685 NECHTANSMERE (Picts under King Bruide defeat Northumbrians);
           Death of Ecgfrith, King of Northumbria, in battle
   In 0794 Murder of St. Ethelbert of the East Angles
   In 1259 Henry III, King of England, cedes Normandy to France
   In 1277 Death of Pope John XXI
   In 1293 Earthquake at Kamakura, Japan
   In 1302/1303 Treaty of Paris restores Gascony to British in Hundred
Years War
   In 1306 Edward I, King of England, gives the
           Duchy of Aquitaine to his son
   In 1347 Cola di Rienzo made Tribune in Rome
   In 1442 Creation of the first Earl of Shrewsbury (England)
   In 1444 Death of St. Bernardine of Siena
   In 1495 French King Charles VIII leaves Naples
   In 1506 Death of Columbus
   In 1520 Panfilo de Narvez defeated by Hernando Cortes
   In 1521 - Ignatius Loyola seriously wounded by a cannon ball
   In 1524 Duke of Albany leaves Scotland
   In 1536 Marriage of Henry VIII, King of England, to Jane Seymour
   In 1553 Three English ships sail in search of Northwest Passage
   In 1570 Egidius Coppens publishes Abraham Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis
   In 1571 Pope Pius V organizes a Holy League with Venice and Spain
   In 1591 Spanish troops in Zutphen surrenders to Willem
   In 1609 Thomas Thorpe publishes William Shakepeare's "Sonnets"
   In 1622 Osman II, Ottoman Sultan, deposed and murdered
   In 1631 MAGDEBURG (Swedish victory)(30 Yrs. War)
   In 1648 Death of Wladislaus IV, King of Poland
   In 1514 Corporation of Trinity House chartered

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