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OK what is a Roman Melee? (Womans Tourney at Pennsic)

Poster: Svanhildr@aol.com

OK a Roman Melee starts out with all fighters in a Circle...
layon is called...
And it is basically every person for them selves. You can team up 
(temporarily) to beet the tougher Fighters.. But in the end only one person 
can win.
After fighting a few rounds of this style Melee you can then run a finals 
such as is done in Double elim to determine the winner of the over all 
Winners of each Melee and the overall Victor will receive a prize. ( The 
prizes will be on display at the beginning of the tourney.

Basically it is different then what has been done. Roman Melee's are not 
frequently done in the SCA (at least in this region) Thought it would be good 
to take away some of the Tourney Anxiety that some feel in Double elims etc., 
in hopes to draw more people out to fight. Also cuts down on choosing your 
own bouts as happens in the William marshal style tourney's 

Hope this helps
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