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FW: next July? acorn letter

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Greetings fair Atlantia from Rebecca

Firstly, belated congratulations Baroness Margaret Cameroun, newest
Scrivener Royal.

I mentioned in a previous letter that I was looking for a new Deputy Clerk
of Signet.  Well I found one!  Lady Genevieve D'Evreux will be taking on the
responsibilities as Atlantia's newest Deputy Clerk of Signet.  Her previous
experience as Status Scribe will help with her main responsibilities of
assignments, database maintenance and web page maintenance.  

However this office is so busy and needs so much more work that I felt it
was time for further assistance.  Lady Enid NicEoin will be helping
Genevieve D'Evreux with the web page maintenance.  Specifically Lady Enid
will help collect samples for the Scribe of the Month web site which will be
starting up again soon.  Lady Enid will also be helping with competitions.
She will not be giving out assignments however she will be collecting judges
and managing the actual competition the day of the event.  

What will I be doing?  Of course you may always contact me about any of the
above subjects.  My main focus besides helping my deputies will be a massive
clean up project of the database data that has already begun.  You've seen
hints of this project with my letters to the Acorn about promissories and
passed names.  These letters have cleaned up several issues that listed
scrolls as not do-able.  There are several other issues that need to be
cleaned  up for future goals.  This will take the majority of my time,
however I also hope to do some of my own scribing which I've not truly been
able to do since I took office.

Keep tuned for some exciting announcements and activities coming soon.

In Service to the Kingdom and Her Crown,

Lady Rebecca the Contrary
Clerk of Signet, Atlantia
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