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Re: Atlantian Expansion

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

Hey! Wait a moment! I'll have you know that Currach Mor is floating
in our harbor even as we speak. Brenna, Byram - Aleksandr
(windchimes) Belogosskov is from that Port. I've been trying to talk
him into becoming their new seneschal, since the old one is
transferring away. Not to mention the other ships with members of our
Barony stationed on them. So see - we have a Navy! 

Besides, don't we have Vikings?

Brenna wrote:
Well, we're halfway there.  We have our Navy.  For the glory of
Atlantia, I am sure that our brothers of Currach Mor would be glad to
transport our armies and join us on the shore for battle.

Bryce countered:
Didn't Currach Mor get "traded" to Antir (or some such place) after
the ship got re-stationed a few years ago?

Brenna then responded:
My appologies...I have been informed that they have moved their
operation out of our area. But we have Atalntian brothers on at least
3 or 4 different vessels in the Marinus harbour at this moment.  I'm
sure a few would be willing to quest with us.

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