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Emerald Joust via Dun Carraig

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

Scriptsit Grania:
> i have just remembered that there is a way to go down to the
> virginia/lightfoot/williamsburg area avoiding the capital beltway by
> travelling through the Barony of Dun Carraig...going over the bridge and
> into va that way.. i can't remember the whole route (i was not driving)
> but i know it was shorter and had less traffic.

Aye, as they say, all roads lead to Dun Carraig.  

As requested by our fire-haired neighbor from Lochmere, here's the 
step-by-step directions:

Starting in Storvik or Lochmere, find your way to Upper Marlboro.  (Of 
course, Upper Marlboro should, by rights, be Dun Carraig land, but we'll 
address THAT topic later this fall).  Once in Upper Marlboro, take Rt 301 
south.  (You will know you've crossed into Dun Carraig when the water becomes 
potable.)  Continue on Rt 301 through Waldorf to the Nice Bridge (no kidding 
folks, that's what it's called.  But then again, it's in Dun Carraig, so it's 
gonna be "Nice" anyway).  When crossing the bridge southbound, you'll be 
asked to pay a tribute of $1.50 to the Nice bridge toll collectors.  (The 
money is used to help maintain our "nice" bridge, and finance our maritime 
defenses of Northern Atlantia).  Cross over the Dun Carraig river (we still 
haven't gotten around to repainting those "Potomac" signs) and cross into the 
Crown Lands of Virginia at Dahlgren.  Wave at the Navy base on your left 
(which, btw, is full of Dun Carraigers, and like the rest of us, they're nice 
as well!) and continue on Rt 301 until you reach VA Rt 207.

At the 301/207 junction, you will want to continue STRAIGHT onto Rt 207.  
This will take you directly to I-95...about 10-15 miles.  At I-95, go south, 
and you're only 20 miles or so north of Richmond.

>From there, it's easy.  I-95 to I-295 and swing east of Richmond as you 
pick-up I-64 on the southeast side.  Then follow the directions in the 
=Clyffe Notes= or the =Acorn=.  The entire route is 4 lanes, except for a 
small bit along 207.  

See everyone tomorrow at the Joust.

In service, I faithfully remain,
// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Chronicler
Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia
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