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Vard's test message

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

I know, I hate doing this just as much as you hate reading this, but two 
posts I sent earlier this day have NOT shown up on the Rose, and I'm checking 
to see if anything is severely wrong.

I realize I'm probably going to get a LOT of email as a result of this, but 
if anyone sees this who is NOT subscribed to the digest, could you drop a 
quick note to me <SCAVard@aol.com> to let me know.  You might also want to 
post a "responded to privately" message to the Rose so that the number of 
messages is kept to a minimum.

I don't know whether to suspect if I've been kicked-off, or if the Rose is 
down, or if it's just clogged up and it's not sending to ANYBODY right now.

Oh, FYI it's a little after 7 pm on Monday, 5/31.  If you're reading this for 
the first time and it's after Midnight, please don't bother...it's probably 
just a clogged Rose.

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