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HERALDRY: Atlantian Internal Results for May

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Unto the Crown and Populace of Atlantia, and all others who read these
presents: greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Golden Dolphin Herald.

The May Letter of Intent meeting was held on Sunday, 16 May at War
Practice. Expected LoI meetings for the future include Saturday, 12 June, 
Sunday, 11 July, and Sunday, 1 August, both at places TBA. If you are 
interested in hosting or attending an LoI meeting, please contact me
for more information.

The Golden Dolphin Office generally tries to help Atlantian submitters
with name documentation. Sometimes this involves fairly easy work;
other times the task is more difficult. This is in keeping with the
Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms, which states: "The
submitter bears the primary responsibility for meeting procedural
requirements, but can and should be advised by heraldic officers at
the local level and above." This includes name documentation. Please
note, however, that PRIMARY responsibility rests with the submitter.
Unfortunately, over the past few months it has become obvious that the
name resources which my office can draw upon are almost completely
lacking in useful sources for period names from Asia, with the
exception of Japan. For various reasons we are unlikely to be able to
improve this situation. Therefore, I must announce the following policy:

Effective 1 July 1999, Atlantian submitters must bear the ENTIRE 
responsibility for providing adequate documentation for any Oriental 
names, and may not expect aid from the Golden Dolphin office. Such name 
submissions will be returned unless they include adequate documentation 
(including copies of the actual docs as noted before in previous Acorn  
columns). Okay, enough of the unpleasant news, on to the usual business.

The following correction was sent to Laurel regarding the April Letter
of Intent:

Julianna Fiorentini. Device. Azure, three peacock feathers argent
issuant from in base a fleur-de-lys Or.
The original blazon inadvertently left out the tincture of the feathers.


Devora bat Shimshon. New badge. [fieldless] A cauldron argent.

Devora bat Shimshon. New badge. [fieldless] A cauldron vert.

Eilis Brathnagh. New name and device. Vert, three roses argent between 
two bendlets gemel Or.

Hans van Hoorn. Change of device. Per fess gules and azure, a fess between
a baker's peel reversed Or charged with three manchets gules and a wagon
wheel Or.

Helmut Kruger. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Nov 98). Or, on a 
pile inverted throughout between two standing balances gules, a lion 
rampant Or. Alternate blazon: Per chevron throughout Or and gules, two 
standing balances and a lion rampant counterchanged.

Iacopo Attaviano da Vizzi. New name and device. Sable, in pall two 
serpents addorsed, tails entwined argent, between an apple and two owls Or.

Jane Devereux. New name and device. Purpure, a bee and a chief indented 
flory Or.

Livia Teresa de Compostela. New name.

M{a'}ille ingen Bhrain Cadal. Appeal of name (ret'd by Laurel Mar 99) and 
resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Mar 99). Per saltire azure and 
argent, in fess a demi-lion couchant to sinister Or between two equal- 
armed Celtic crosses sable.

Matthias von Oberernwaldt. New device. Argent, a sword sable, a bordure 
lozengy argent and purpure.

Myfanwy ferch Angharad. Change of name from Arianwen ferch Angharad and
resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Nov 98). Per saltire azure and vert,
a fret between four swans naiant argent.

Oswulf the Grey. Household name and badge for House Blackspear. Or, a 
spearhead between flaunches sable, each flaunch charged with a grail 

Pao Hu Tso. New name and device. Argent, a natural tiger rampant per fess 
gules and sable, in chief a single-bitted war axe fesswise sable.

Pao Hu Tso. Secondary Household name and badge for House Sain Noyan. 
Argent, a natural tiger rampant to sinister per fess sable and gules, in 
chief a bow fesswise gules.

Roger de Kymberle. New name and device. Per pall sable vert and argent, 
in pale two swords crossed in saltire argent and a cat's paw print 

Spiaggia Levantina, Canton of. New badge. Purpure, a vol between two bars
argent, each bar charged with a barrulet sable.

S{u"}dent{u"}r, Canton of. New name and device. Argent, a wooden arched 
door proper framed sable, on a chief wavy azure a laurel wreath argent.

Th{e'}r{'e}se de Montdidier. New name.

Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov. Change of augmentation of arms. Per
chevron gules and argent, two otters combattant and another rampant to
sinister all maintaining glaives counterchanged, for augmentation a
unicornate natural seahorse erect contourny maintaining in its tail a
lance and pennon Or between the topmost otters.
Cathair Calen, College of. New name and device. Purpure, a tower within a
laurel wreath, on a chief argent three apples vert. (incomplete paperwork;
name documentation)

Gavin Briare of Shrewsbury. New name. (name documentation)

Geoffrey O'Dochartaigh of Inishowen. New name and device. Per pale
argent and (azure? vert?), a stag salient, in chief a mace fesswise
gules. (incomplete paperwork; name presumption; name documentation;
armory coloration)

Livia Teresa de Compostela. New device. Per chevron rayonny abased sable 
semy of triskeles Or and gules, a phoenix Or. (style; redraw)

Lucas de Lorraine. New name and device. Azure, a snake nowed as to form a 
figure 8 argent. (Incomplete paperwork; name documentation; armorial 

M{a'}ille ingen Bran Cadal. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Atlantia Apr 99). 
Azure, a demi-lion couchant to sinister Or, in sinister flank an 
equal-armed Celtic cross sable. (color on color)

Roger de Kymberle. New badge. [fieldless] A gnat argent. (charge 
documentation; conflict)

Rowanna of Rathmore. New name and device. Argent chap{e'} ploy{e'} vert, 
three needles in triangle sable. (name documentation; armorial paperwork)

Th{e'}r{'e}se de Montdidier. New device. Per chevron rayonny argent and
gules goutty counterchanged, a butterfly sable. (redraw)
Due to the mini-session of University being held at Kingdom A&S this
month, the heraldic consult table gang will be there in the commons
area. This is also where the "Heraldic Consulting Practicum" class
will be held in the afternoon. I invite you to stop by. Also, please
remember that at Pennsic, Atlantian submissions will ONLY be accepted
at the KINGDOM consult table, currently scheduled for Thursday afternoon 
in Atlantian Royal. Until next month, I remain yours in service,

Evan, Golden Dolphin.

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