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EVENT: Baronial Hunt V, Snow Hill MD (Spiaggia Levantina)

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

Greetings, all!  You know, there's more going on the 2nd weekend of
June then just that little whatchamacallit down in NC... :-)  Yes,
there's Spiaggia's Baronial Hunt V!

- - - - -

Baronial Hunt V
11-13 June, AS XXXIV

 The Canton of Spiaggia Levantina cordially invites one and all to our
annual event, Baronial Hunt.

 In appreciation of our wonderful Baron and Baroness we have decided to
theme this year's event after a "traditional" Mongol Hunt!  Exactly what
do we mean by "traditional" Mongol Hunt?  You'll have to attend to find

 We have a multitude of activities planned for the weekend.  If there is
enough interest, we will hold a torch-lit tourney on Friday evening.
Everyone remember to remove their horsehair crests!

 And the fun doesn't stop with the burning of heavy fighters!  We have
plenty of tourneys planned for Saturday, including the selection of the
first Canton Rapier, Heavy, and Archery champions (Remember, you don't
need to be a member of the Canton participate!)

 For those who are not so marshally-inclined, we also have a multitude
of other activities planned.  Our original theme for the A&S competition
was creative use of Yak Legs, but seeing as how they aren't in season,
we've changed that to several other, more manageable themes.  The
first, in keeping with the theme of the event, is "East of the Oder
which is centered on the arts and sciences of Eastern Europe and Central
Asia.  If the Mongols came in contact with it on their way to Europe,
it's fair game!

The second competition is one specifically designed to showcase the
newest talents of Atlantia.  If you have a skill you've been working on
for less than a year, this is the chance to display your newfound
knowledge.  While documentation is not required for either competition,
it is strongly encouraged, and judging criteria will reflect this.

Children's activities will be organized by Katerina Volokhovna.

 The evening will conclude with a wonderful feast by the Cooks Guild of
the Barony of the Bright Hills and Dancing.  For those with dietary
concerns you can either contact Lady Maeve at besears@erols.com with
"Attn: Lady Maeve" in the subject or contact the autocrat.

 The site is Furnace Town Historical Site in Snow Hill, MD.  The site is
discreetly wet, but no original containers, please.  REMEMBER, the
drinking age in Maryland is 21, and will be enforced, so bring ID.  For
those who wish to bring pets, please contact the Autocrat for more

 The cost for the event is as follows: On-board, $12; Off-board and
day-trip, $8.  Children 6-12 are half-price, and those under 6 are
guests of the Canton.  Please send reservations to the Autocrat, Lord
Morgan Wainwright (Shawn Riggin, 29919 Foskey Lane, Delmar, MD  21875
410-896-9046 (NLT 10PM) or via email at morgan@ezy.net), and include
mundane names, along with contact information.  Remember, the only good
reservation is a paid reservation.  Please make checks payable to
Spiaggia Levantina/SCA, Inc.

If you are forced to pay the troll at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel,
present a receipt at the door and receive a discount on site fees.
Also, if you are planning on arriving late, please let the Autocrat
know; on-board spaces not claimed by 3pm will be released.

Merchants are more-than-welcome, and will receive a $2 discount.  Please
contact the Autocrat in advance if you plan on Merchanting.


>From the West:
Find your best way to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge following Rt. 50 through
Salisbury, Md. Follow Rt.50 and take exit for Rt.13 Bypass South (do not
take Route 13 Business). Take exit for Rt.12 East (towards Snow Hill).
Follow Rt.12, approx. 9 miles. Make a  right on Old Furnace Rd. (There
will be a sign for Furnace Town).  Site is about one mile on your left.

>From the North:
Find your best route to Wilmington, De. and Rt.13 south. Follow Rt. 13
South to Salisbury, Md. Take exit for Rt.13 Bypass south (do not take
Route 13 Business). Continue as per directions above.

>From the South:
Find your best route to the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel and Rt.13,
Norfolk Va. Travel north on Rt.13 through Eastern Shore of Virginia
until nearing Salisbury, Md. Take exit for Rt.13 Bypass North (do not
take Route 13 Business). Next, take exit for Rt.12 East (towards Snow
Hill) and continue as above as From The West.

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