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Fw: Teen FIGHTER'S Program @ Pennsic

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

This was forwarded from another list that I'm on, it apparently has
been circulating. I don't know Lord Ben personally, so can't speak of
the program from experience, although my teenager says he enjoyed
everything but the early hours last Pennsic.


>Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 22:28:07 -0400 (EDT)
>From: David Corson <cerdic@sympatico.ca>
>Subject: Pennsic Notes for all to see
>X-Comment: Society for Creative Anachronism
>Benjamin Schragger wrote:
> I have been given the plesure to anouce that for THIS
> Pennsic there will be a TEEN PROGRAM. That is
> something for the 10 to 17 age group.... as best as
> we can.... and we deffintly WILL need your help if you can.
> For those of you who are from the East Kingdom... .
> you probley know what we are about... as for the
> Midrealmer's... anybody make it to the CrownTourney
> last week. I just recived an email from my Counterpart
> over there... a Thegin Ian.... and he just did what we did
> at Duke Tim's Corrination before Pennsic 24... that is a
> Youth Fighter Program Demo.
> For this Pennsic we have been given a peice of the List Field
> for the Program.  for the war starting first week as soon as the
> List field is up. http://tulgey.browser.net/pageprog/YFP
> We are looking at a morning warm up and training session from
> 8:30 to 9:45. at around 9 or as soon as we have Youth Fighter
> Marshalls (want to be one?) they will begin thier one on one
> training. at 9:45 we will have anoucnments about what is going on,
> A&S and such.... a session with the groups who sent Teen
> coordinators for the volenture areas...like the Water Bearing
> Deputy, Archery Marshallet, Heavy List Marshallet, and such....
> We are looking at the possibleity of a second training secssion
> 4 to 6 depending on the avaliblity of Youth Fighter Marshalls...
> (want to volnture) then again we need non-fighter to help run the
> water bearers and such.... heck the teens can help each other right
> for the non-fighting we are looking at Evenings at the Children's
> tent and chaparoning (need volunters) to the dancing floor
> it's at night and the younger ones have a courfu)  This also gives
> a chance to meet with Parental Units (sorry I work with the kids
> much.... KEWL.... see what I mean :-) AND different Teen
> from around the Known World.
> There is also underway a Teen Recpetion Wendsday night of war week
> (mmm.... I wonder what I need for that?) We are gathing more ideas
> from the teens themselves.
> oh yeah... also Friday of war week will be the Boffer Tournies and
> Morning Saturday will be the Children's Crusade (sorry could not
> of anything cuter :-) for a few Melee's on the Field battle field
> the adults do.
> Any more ideas would be helpful....   any volentures for what you
> can do....
> thanks...
> more later
> Lord BEN, the Steward
> Dean, East Kingdom Royal Pages Academy
> Commendant, East Kindom Youth Fighter Program
> (don't ask, this one is just to silly)
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