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Today in Medieval History

Poster: Mark Mettler <mettler@bulloch.net>

Good Day, it is Wednesday, June 9

Happy Birthday to...
   In 1640 Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor

On this day...
   In 0068 Death (by suicide) of Nero Imperator
   In 0597 Death of St. Columba (Colum Cille)
   In 0922 French republic chooses Robert I, King of France
   In 1064 Coimbra is taken by Ferdinand, King of Castile
   In 1075 HOMBURG (defeat of Saxons by Henry VI of France)
   In 1156 Marriage of Friedrich "Barbarossa" King of Germany,
           to Beatrix of Burgundy
   In 1198 Otto IV chosen King of Germany
   In 1247 Carpini, Papal Legate returning from the Mongols,
           reaches Kiev, Russia
   In 1456 23rd recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
   In 1358 MEAUX (Jacquerie defeated by Captal de Buch and Gaston
   In 1480 Turks attack Malta
   In 1502 Assassination of Astorre Manfredi of Faenza, and his brother
   In 1525 Death of Florian Geyer, Bundschuh leader
   In 1531 Pope Clemens VII & Francois I sign secret treaty against
Karel V
   In 1534 Jacques Cartier sails into the mouth of the St. Laurence
   In 1549 Book of Common Prayer is adopted by the Church of England
   In 1549 England enforces the Act of Supremacy.
   In 1572 Willem van Oranges army occupies Gelderland
   In 1588 Spanish Armada sails from Lisbon to England
   In 1591 Euphame MacCalyan, daughter of Lord Cliftonhall,  tried and
found guilty of witchcraft
   In 1604 A new Law against witchcraft passes its' first reading in the
English House of Lords
   In 1628 1st deportation from America, Thomas Morton from Mass.

Gryffri de Newmarch
Chronicler of Forth Castle - http://www2.gasou.edu/SCA/chronicler
of the Southern Creative Anachronists - http://www2.gasou.edu/SCA
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"il est bon de frotter et limer notre cervelle contre celle d'autrui."
It is good to rub and polish our mind against those of others.

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