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Problems from @home?

Poster: That pesky guy over there <gormofberra@yahoo.com>

Unto some technicially proficient person lurking behind the bar of the MErry
Rose does Gorm of Berra's other half (the one who knows about TCP/IP and stuff)
send greetings:

I've been blessed with a Cable Modem, from comcast@home, and I'm working on
getting all of my E-Mail lists configured for it.  BUt, there is a significant

Trying to talk to majordomo@atlantia.sca.org results in a bounced message,
saying home.com is blocked.

Ummm...anyone know why?  Yeah, it's a high bandwidth service, but it's
(supposedly) not a SPAM problem (they have an AUP that says no commercial use
allowed, and you aren't allowed to host a server, so it shouln't be anything
like flooding or such).

Also, would the list maintainer kindly unsubscribe
"gormofberra@mindspring.com",  as I can't communicate with the listserv to do
just that.  Thank you.

Alan MacNeill
Gorm of Berra
berra@home.com <--Preferred, but if you can't send to it, go to:

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