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Re: Foodstuffs for the King

Poster: lisa brennan-webb <elspethharilow@hotmail.com>

@>From: EmberNAsh@aol.com
>I wonder if there is a recipe for white choclate, macadamia and banana
>flavored cookies out there?    Any one got any?
>Lady Caitriona

   Actually, any good chocolate-chip cookie recipe will work...Just sub 
white choc chips, macs for the optional walnuts, and add a pureed banana in 
place of some of the liquids, or add it and put a little extra flour in it 
to compensate for the extra wet stuff... I am cranking out a test batch 
today...YIS, Elspeth of Harilow, MOAS to the Barony of Marinus

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