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Re: babies at Pennsic

Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com

Our 11 year old son has been to one Pennsic, and that was when he was 2 
months old.  He's done a lot of camping (SCA and BSA) since, but for one or 
another reason no other Penniscs.  He was fine, and has been a pretty happy 
camper ever since.

Our experieinces were:

It's good to have a way to carry the wee 'un around so you don't have to hold 
his weight on your arm.  We improvised using a drum sling, over one shoulder, 
kinda sat him in it on the other hip (Daddy did this).  Still had to hold him 
around the middle, but his weight was on my shoulder, not my arm.  Myself 
wouldn't recommend a stroller unless it has LARGE wheels.

We took an inflatable bathtub (small version of a wading pool) to get him 
clean and cool him off.  Worked well.

Yes, keep him well sunscreened, but keep it out of his eyes! (this is the 
voice of experience talking!)

A battery-powered baby monitor allows you at least to go to another part of 
your encampment, out of normal earshot.

We had no real problems with the child, but this was 11 years ago, so 
Pennsic, tho big, was not as big as today.  Nonetheless, it is not an 
impossible thing.  Depends on what you like.  If you're domestic sorts, 
that's an easy call, but if you like to cruise the bardic circles and 
singalongs at night, well, that may be less of an easy call.

I too wish you a great Pennsic, whichever course you choose.

Baron Donal Mac Ruiseart
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