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Top Tenne

Poster: "Kimberly Mays" <jasmina@earthlink.net>

To all good Gentles...

I don't post often, but saw this and thought it funny... :)

>Jane's Top Tenne Elizabethan T-Shirt Slogans
>1. Mine Other Palanquin is a Porsche
>2. I'd Rather be Selfe-Flagellating
>3. My Liege Wente To the Crusades and Alle I Got Was Thys Lousy Tunic
>4. Lyfe is a Bitch, Then You Die In Slowe Pustulating Agonye
>5. Plague Happenes
>6. Save the Kraken
>7. Toppe Tenne Reasons Whye Meade is Better Than Maidens
>8. Tonyte We're Going to Partye Lyke it's 1499
>9. I'm Wyth Leprous -->
>10. I Want to Playe The Harpsichorde All Night, and Partye Ev'rye Day
>Bonus Slogans From Ed Caffyn, The Filthy Leper
>11. 30 Pounds, 30 Days, 30 Farthings. Requesteth of Me 'How'
>12. Geoffrey Chaucer: The Comeback Toure
>13.Lepers Do It Carefully
>14. Harde Rocke Tavern, Olde London
>Rose and Jane's Top Tenne Elizabethan Rap Songs
>1. Busteth a Motion
>2. Thou Art Forbidden to Toucheth This
>3. Fie, Fie, a Medina Doth Chille So Funky
>4. Melady Got Rumpus
>5. Rocketh me Mercutio
>6. Pusheth, Pusheth, In the Lowe-Lyeing Foliage
>7. Whoomp, Yonder Object Lies
>8. Good Sir, Passeth Hither thy Dutchie 
>9. Anon, I Becometh Jiggy
>10. Thou Muste Endeavour Mightily to Protecte Thine Sov'reign Right to

**  Live by the sword, die by the arrow. **
~~  Jasmina Zakiyah Savina of House Grynmoors in the Kingdom of AnTir

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