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Military Mail

Poster: "James C. Wagner Jr." <james@cds.duke.edu>

Ok, heres the scoop:

You can write to the previously-posted addresses, OR


This is the group that the JROTC and ROTC Units use to send mail to troops
overseas. Wether they are over there for specific actions, or are
on PCS (Perminant Change of Station.) 

My Fathers AFJROTC unit sends about 1000 letters a year through them. you
send them a group of letters and the postage for them, (they get a good rate
from the govt. for bulk) and they make sure that your letters are spread out
amongst many units. If you send 4 letters, they go to four different units.
If you send 100 letters, they go to 100 different Units. This allows for many 
things, including sending the same worded letter to many people but not 
having them compare letters.. Also, the return on these letters is pretty high.
about 35% of my fathers Cadets get a letter back.

Hope that helps!

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