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Re: Medieval Source for Movie

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The Book (I'm holding one edition of it in my hand - and yes, it IS
hard to type that way), is called "Eaters of the Dead" by Michael
Crichton, Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-38324-9.  To quote the author,

   "On reflection, I realized I already knew of
such a person. In the tenth century, an Arab
named Ibn Fadlan had traveled north from
Baghdad into what is now Russia, where he
came in contact with the Vikings. His manu-
script, well-known to scholars, provides one
of the earliest eyewitness accounts of Viking
life and culture. . . . I obtained the existing
manuscript fragments and combined them,
with only slight modifications, into the first
three chapters of "Eaters of the Dead". I then
wrote the rest of the novel in the style of the
manuscript. . . "


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 but on breadth of compassion and depth of loving kindness.
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