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Re: Examples

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

Donald Wagner wrote:

> It seems to me that the paragon of virtue, or the purest of courtesies,
> is the act of providing the quiet example for others to follow.  A quiet
> example is one that is shown, regardless of whether or not anyone is
> watching.  The quiet example happens whether or not anyone else is there
> to see it, and no admonishment follows it.  In other words, the quiet
> example is tempered with humility and is shown to one's self more than
> other people.  Its result can be wonderful, or not even noticeable.
> The quiet example has an opposite, too.  The opposite is rarely good,
> never quiet, and driven by the purpose of being seen.  It is tempered
> with all manner of things(i.e. anger, frustration, avarice, narcissism,
> and occasionally good intentions) but humility.   Its result can be
> devastating, or not even noticeable.

My dear lord,

I applaud you!!  I have noticed two things in my 3 years in Atlantia.  The
first is that the quiet, unassuming person who does good deeds in the name
of chivalry or couresty with no self-proclaimation catches my attention and
my admiration over and over.  These are the people that I ultimately strive
to emulate, though I admit that my temper is as firey as my hair at times.
And, I will admit that I am still working on accepting the help of the fine
lords who offer it--I just hate to interrupt their enjoyment for something
that I can ultimately handle myself.  Silly, I know.  The second thing is
that the people I find I dispise the most are those who are loud and
obnoxious in their views.  One lady (who I admit that I don't know from Eve
and probably would never recognise again if faced with her on a street
corner) who comes to mind was most outspoken about a group of us letting our
children play on a hillside at Emerald Joust.  Now, not only was her
outburst uncalled for and unsolicited, but IMHO WRONG.  We are all parents
and have a pretty fair idea of what our kids can do safely or not.
Amazingly, none of us throttled her, but this type of interference should
not have occured in the first place.  If you have concerns for a child,
simply ask the adult whether the child is "okay doing that."  If the adult
says yes, back off.  I may get flamed for this, but if my children are not
endangering themselves or bothering anyone else, they are my business and no
one else's.


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