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Archery at HRM: Three gates to Highland Foorde

Poster: Lorenzo <detoma@erols.com>

Three Gates To Highland Foorde

There is a glorious new Barony that shines fourth, from the mighty
Kingdom of  Atlantia. There is mountain, with valley and stream, and
this Barony delights the land that holds its splendor.  To enter such a
magnificent land as this, all must prove their worthiness. So it is
decreed: that by the tests of knowledge, skill, courage, and speed, you
will be counted worthy to enter the grand barony of Highland Foorde.

The first test is one of knowledge as well as skill, for knowledge is as
important as straight arrows. Enter and confer with a friend for the
answers to many questions. In order to shoot a target you must first
answer the riddle. Then your skill with bow and arrow will come into
play, as you fill the sky with feather, and wood.  Your friends must
leave you now, for it is alone that  you will advance

 The second test is one of courage, skill, and speed. The woods here are
murky, dim, and damp, as is often the case where light seldom shines.
Tales of terror fall out of the mouths of travelers. It is said the
undead prowl this wood, and that the land is infested with them.  If you
are to be counted among the brave, you must kill the zombies. Only by
placing an arrow in each part of these vile creatures can you destroy
them. Unfortunately you must shoot against a friend, as they fill your
target, you fill theirs. The first to pierce each part is set free from
the curse of the undead, their opponent is not. Sadly, you must leave a
friend behind  to enter the marvelous Barony of Highland Foorde.

Grim determination fills you as you press on. The third test is again
one of courage, skill, and speed.  The woods here are a foreboding
place, where even the bravest of the brave have fallen upon their sword.
Shoulder to shoulder you stand with friends on every side, stand as one
with bow drawn tight. Instantly the beast is upon you.  The dragon
attacks, and you sleep on your feet. The beast has caught town folk
unaware: do not shoot the innocent! Fill the air with tips of steel, and
hearts of iron fast, fast, faster, before you are consumed, and never
make it to your goal.

Today is truly a day to ponder one’s self. Those who have passed the
three tests have proven themselves deserving of pride and admiration as
they enter the spectacular Barony of Highland Foorde. All are made
welcome, as together we join in the grand celebration of the birth of
our Barony, and rejoice in the beauty of our Kingdom.

Penned this day, by Eirwin Kildere, Deputy Archery Marshal of Highland

Archery range opens at 9:30 am for inspection/practice. First shoot at

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