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Re: Historical Accuracy

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 6/18/99 7:57:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
sheltons@conterra.com writes:

> As for Lady Anastasia's comment about "Braveheart," yes, it wasn't very
>  accurate but at least it opened some peoples' eyes to that era.  A
>  number of my non-SCA co-workers now have been told that:  there really
>  was a William Wallace who "rebelled" against the English and got
>  betrayed

It seems weird for me to praise this movie on this list for raising awareness 
of things Scottish, while at the same time condemning it as being a piece of 
fantasy on the Albanach (medieval Scotland) list.  But it is true.  While 
those of us interested in history and reenactment should find the movie 
useless for anything other than entertainment, it did serve to awaken a large 
interest in Scotland among a large group of people.  I work in the Scottish 
import industry and after that movie came out, our sales skyrocketed! ;-)  
But more importantly, it got a lot of people interested, and still is.  A 
friend of mine from Glasgow, Stuart MacMahon, heard from his brother after 
the release of the movie in Scotland.  He said that after the movie the 
audience stood up, applauded and cheered, then spontaneously broke out into 
"Flower of Scotland" --the proposed national anthem.  And this year the 
devolution movement finally got enough votes to attain its own Parliament in 
Holyrood--the first in over 300 years.  I'm not saying Mel Gibson gave 
Scotland its own Parliament, but I do think that the Scottish resurgence we 
have seen over the past decade (including Braveheart) did have a part.

So, praise the movie for its merits, and scold it for its flaws.  I liked the 
movie.  I own a copy.  But if I ever see someone who has taken my class on 
Scottish clothing at an event dressed like Mel Gibson, I'll hang, draw, and 
quarter them. ;-)

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