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Frequently Asked Questions for the Merry Rose Tavern

by Lord Kendrick Wayfarer (mka Tanner Lovelace)

v2.2, 1 April 2009
This document is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the mailing list hosted at (also known as the Merry Rose Tavern, or simply, the Merry Rose). The mailing list serves as a vehicle for discussion within the Kingdom of Atlantia of the Society for Creative Anachronism. For more information the reader is referred to the Frequently Asked Questions from the Rialto (, FAQ located at This document also contains Lady Anarra's Little Book of List Etiquette (Copyright (c) 1996,2001 Terry L. Neill).

1. The Merry Rose Tavern

2. Lady Anarra's Little Book of List Etiquette ;)

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