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Re: Strawman Police

On Thu, 22 Dec 1994, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> On Dec 22, 14:56, Lance Harrop wrote:
> > The question is, then, how medieval is enough?  I can not even begin to 
> > imagine trying to sew my clothes by hand.  If this means that I never get 
> > an award or win a contest for clothes, so be it.  However, I would still 
> > like to play the game.  I try to look appropriate, wear appropriate 
> > shoes, and so on.  However, I am not quite ready to give up on wearing my 
> > modern eyeglasses, if for no other reason then that there are somemany 
> > good looking ladies around.  If the stopping point is where ever the 
> > "more medieval" person will go, then you will always find someone "more 
> > medieval" then yourself.
> Tweeeeeeeeeeet!
> As a constable in the Cheapside Strawman Police force, I must issue a
> ticket for strawman assault. Actually, this is an excellent example of
> the strawman situation. Have you met someone who said that you _must_
> wear hand-stitched and woven clothes, or you aren't good enough? Have
> you met someone who _demanded_ that you take off your glasses?
Okay Constable, I confess.  I have never been approached about my glasses 
or my seams.  I have been about my fabrics, though.  The fact is, I just 
feel a little guilty about the glasses, as they seem to be the most 
non-period item I wear.  I would like to make period, but comfortable 
glasses sometime, even though they would be anachronistic for my persona 
(10th C Anglo-Dane from the midlands).  The point is not that I have been 
accosted by the AP about these things, the point is whether I should be 
hand sewing or using period fabrics or wearing period glasses.  I 
wouldn't allow the AP to define what I should do, so why should I define 
what I should do in reference to what the AP harps.

> Greg 'o Isenfir
> A Strawman Constable of Cheapeside
In Service
Leifr Johansson