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RE: ofcourtesy

Greetings from Ellwood!

I may not have time to frolick, (what *is* frolick anyway? 8) )  but I have
found this discourse most entertaining and informative.  By all means,
please continue here.

In service,

Scripsit Lady Susanna:
Subject: ofcourtesy
Date: Monday, January 09, 1995 12:00AM

Lord Leifr, you wrote:

> No mere cloth, no matter how artfully arranged, will serve to hide the
> beauty of person and soul which shines forth from my Lady in the darkest
> nights or the brightest days.

 ---> & I say to you that there is no art to the simple.  If a
single-stitched hem falls to the floor, then she has sewn it
exactly so that none might mistake her intent.  A thread weaves its way
in modest precision through cloth as words through meanings,
binding in seam that which belongs together and snapping when
stretched too tautly.
        If another's eyes brush her skirts aside, surely it is
the stroke of some bright light in them and not the dull,
scuffed leather of her boots which paints so imaginative a portrait.
He who uncovers his canvas to sunlight only has no claim to
clarity of vision; he underestimates the subtle strength of the common
                                        In Service,
                                                Susanna Grey

Let us continue this decorative banter on email, that others
whose time allows no frolick, whose band dislikes much width,
might have peace.