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Lunar New Year Announcement

Lunar New Year
Dun Carraig
28 January, 1995

	The Barony of Dun Carraig and Clan Inazuma invite you to dust off 
your kimonos, gather up your chopsticks and join us at our Lunar New Year 
celebration to usher in the Year of the Boar.  The site for this event is 
St. Mary's Ryken High School in Leonardtown, MD.  The site opens at 11:00 
am and closes at 11:00 pm.  The site is WET.

	The event's activities include: Target Archery, Heavy Fighting 
with Japanese or compatible weapons (Katana / Great Sword, Two Sword, Pole 
Arm or Spear), a Boasting Competition for the fighters and archers (in 
which they state he superiority of their skill, the nobility of their 
training school, etc.), Poetry Competition (the traditional Zig-Zag Waters)
and a Costuming Competition for best Kimono.

	A raffle will be conducted to benefit our Barony's newsletter 
(Clyffe Notes);  among the items in the raffle will be a Long Bow.  There 
will also be a Bake Sale with lots of goodies prepared by some of Dun 
Carraig's finest bakers.

	A delectable Oriental and Far Eastern feast will be prepared by 
Mistress Minowara Kiritsubo.  Bring a "throw pillow" to sit on as we will 
be dining at low tables in the traditional Japanese fashion.  Facilities 
will be available for the warming of saki.

	Event Fees:	By Jan. 18	After Jan. 18
	On-Board	 $12		 $14
	Off-Board	 $ 5		 $ 5
	Non-member add	 $ 3		 $ 3

	I order to maintain the sanity of the troll and the autocrat, 
please include names (legal and SCA) of all individuals in your party and a 
phone number where you can be reached.  Early reservations will be greatly 
appreciated.  No phone reservations will be accepted.  Feast reservations 
will be accepted at the door at cook's discretion only.  Make checks 
payable to "Barony of Dun Carraig/SCA Inc."  Don't forget to include proof 
of SCA membership.  If you would like confirmation of your reservation, 
please include a SASE or postcard.  Limited Crash Space is available.  
Please list any allergies and smoking preferences.  Include a SASE if you 
require directions in advance.

	For reservations and/or information contact the autocrat:  Arianna 
Morgan (mka Chris Darago), 104E Oak Ave., La Plata MD  20646; (301)932-2742
(before 10 pm, please).

	DIRECTIONS: From the NORTH - take your best route to Route 4 East 
(use Capitol Beltway or Route 301).  Follow Route 4 to Solomons MD.  
Continue across the bridge to the stoplight at the intersection of Route 4 
and Route 235.  Stay on Route 4 (go straight) until it deadends into Route 
5 (about 5 miles).  Turn right onto Route 5.  Almost immediately, there 
will be a road on the left; turn left onto that road and then left into St. 
Mary's Ryken H.S.  From the SOUTH - take your best route to I-95 north of 
Richmond to Route 301 North in Bowling Green, VA.  Follow Route 301 into MD
(across the Nice Bridge over the Potomac) to Waldorf.  In Waldorf, turn
right onto Route 5 towards Hughesville.  Keep going straight toward
Leonardtown.  Stay on the Route 5 Bypass of Leonardtown;  at the stoplight
for the bypass continue straight.  About 1 mile later, look for the SCA
sign and turn right, then immediately left into St. Mary's Ryken H.S.