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Pennsic artwork ann.

Here's a post from the Rialto. Pennsic is indeed being held
this year (huzzah!), else why would they be requesting this
stuff? All you artist-types, including myself, let's see if
Atlantia can't win the artwork war as well as the fighting!

Elenore Spyrling
Shire of Drachenheim
(mka Elizabeth Urbanik, Chatham, VA)
Subject: PENNSIC Artwork Contest
Date: 10 Jan 1995 06:41:54 -0500
Sender: news@athena.mit.edu
Message-ID: <9501101131.AA09983@dayton.wright.edu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: bloom-beacon.mit.edu
To: sca@mc.lcs.mit.edu

Good Morning From the Pennsic Autocrats!

This message is to announce a contest for artwork for the two official
Pennsic publications - the pre-pennsic publication which is mailed to
members in the spring, and the Pennsic Handbook which is handed out to
all attendants at the event at Cooper's Lake.

The Pre-Pennsic publication is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches in size.  Artwork is
requested for both the front and back covers.  Both black and white line
drawings and 4 or 5 color will be considered.  The due date for this
publication's artwork is February 15th, 1995 (post-marked).

The Pennsic Handbook is 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size.  Artwork is requested 
for both the front and back covers.  Black and white line drawings are
requested.  The due date for this publicatin's artwork is April 15, 1995.
(once again, post-marked by this date)

Every good contest has a good prize, and this one is NO EXCEPTION!  The
winners will receive a piece of handmade parchment done with period tools
and techniques.

Permission is granted to cross-post to other electronic forums, as well
as reprinting in local newsletters.  Artists retain all rights to their
own artwork.  

Mail all submissions to:  Pennsic XXIV
                          P.O. Box 14299
                          Cincinnati, OH  45250

                          Attention: Pennsic Artwork

Any questions, email Mistress Alexis/Beverly Roden

          or phone:  513-866-0010  between 5-10pm est weekdays