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RE: Atlantian brewing trivia

Tadhg asks if someone can post the list of Atlantian Brewmeisters.
In fact, someone can--Elizabeth Beaufort, she who knows all, hears
all, and writes it all down in lists innumerable.  And from her
lists many and varied, she deigned to give me this information, which
I relay to the net:

Brewmeisters of Atlantia (in order):
	Gyrth Oldcastle
	Phillip of Ghent
	Bianca della Robbia
	Brie Kieran
	Bianca della Robbia
	Brie Kieran
	Allen of Dunwich
	Corwyn Wodeward
	Terafan Greydragon
	Brie Kieran
	Annora nic Chailin
	Tadhg O Chonchobar etc.