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Re: What Happened at Atlantian 12th Night? (northern)

In article <3esco6$n92@lester.appstate.edu>,
Bridgette Kelly MacLean <MS7539@CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU> wrote:

>I was hoping that someone would be able to give me a run down on 
>all the happenings at Atlantia's Northern 12th Night...
>Information please...

All information is from my memory (2d row seat), corrections are welcome.

  Lord Vortigern Faber was made a Laurel
  Duchess Caterina Leonora de Forza d'Agro was made a Pelican
  Lady Grace Gamble was made a Laurel
  His Exc Morvran Corbie de la Flamme, Baron of Caer Mear, was made a Knight
  Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl, <Alphabet Soup>, was made a Pelican

Meistersinger: Master James of Rutland

Royal Brewer:
Tadhg of the many-lettered Irish name which I can never
  remember correctly.
Terafan Greydragon, former Royal Brewer, tied with Tadhg
  but agreed with His Majesty Thorbrandr that Tadhg
  should get the title since he'd never had it before.

Melisant of Volchevo Lesa was proposed to during the
  Lochmere baronial court. I don't know her sweetie's name.
Baron Corbie asked Their Majesties to find him a suitable
  consort now that he was a Knight. TRM called Baroness
  Thjora forth, upon which Corbie replied "Good choice,
  Your Majesties." Much joyful crying was observed.

Vivant to all these good gentles!

Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald and Courtaholic.
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