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Auditions again

Greetings unto the Merry Rose Pranksters,

Once again I wish to announce that auditions are being held this Thor's Day,
being January 26, AS XXIX from 7pm until 10pm at the home of Corun MacAnndra.

I have received email from many interested parties and am grateful. I am
looking forward to meeting you all. There is one hitch, however. All of
those who have expressed an interest in this performance, with one exception,
have been women. Regrettably there are only three female roles (Karen
Larsdatter of the ever increasing name has already requested the role of
Spot, and as it has never been determined what sex Spot is, the role could
be played by either a man or woman). Now, given that our illustrious director,
Lady Winifred, is mundanely named Marsha, and that some of us call her Mars
for short, it can be easily (if not actually safely) said that Mars Needs
Men! Of course, if we get lots more women than those who have already
expressed an interest, we can always do the opposite of what was done in
period, and have an all female cast, the women playing the men's roles
as well as the women's roles. An interesting concept, I'll admit, but not
what we were originally planning.

So, I call upon the men of Storvik, Ponte Alto, Steirbach, Roxbury Mills,
and any of the neighboring Baronies and Shires who think they can make it
down here for rehearsals on a fairly regular basis over the coming months.
See you at my home this Thor's Day.

In service,

P.S. Anyone who is not able to make this audition but still has a strong
interest in this play, please contact me via email. There is one among
you already for whom Thor's Day is not a good night, and we are willing
to set up another audition time to accomodate everyone. I'm a firm believer
in cultivating the arts, in particular theatre, in the SCA, and one of the
best ways to do this is not to exclude anyone with an avid interest.

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